About Us

World Steel Exchange Marketing,(WSEM)

Founded by World Steel Dynamics, WSEM develops and supports futures contracts in steel and iron ore products on the Nasdaq Futures (NFX). In addition to developing and promoting steel and iron ore contracts, WSEM provides the trading public with information and guidance on how best to utilize futures, options and OTC swap financial tools. WSEM staff seeks to develop strong relationships with commercial steel buyers and sellers, banks, brokers, and institutional investors that have an interest in mitigating commercial risk through hedging, and or investing in outright positions or otherwise in steel, iron ore and related products.

World Steel Dynamics

WSD is a “Strategic Information Service” that since 1975, has provided new and critical perspectives on possible steel industry pricing and other developments. WSD regularly analyzes and publishes reports on steel prices, steelmaker’s costs, steel supply/demand and steel finances. In performing steel forecasts, WSD seeks to understand how the “pricing power” of steel companies the world over will be impacted by changes in the steel industry’s structure.


World Steel Exchange Marketing is contractually working with Nasdaq to develop, list and promote steel, iron ore and a number of other futures, options and OTC swap contracts.

NASDAQ has more than 2,500 employees servicing businesses and investors from over 50 offices, in 26 countries, across six continents – and in every capital market in the world.

NASDAQ began offering futures products on its U.S. futures exchange, NASDAQ Futures, Inc. (NFX) in 2015 with the launch of energy contacts.

For us at World Steel Exchange Marketing it is exceedingly exciting to be working with NASDAQ. NASDAQ has the global reach, and integrity that has stood the test of time. Nasdaq is recognized globally as a diversified worldwide financial technology, trading and information services provider, to the capital markets.

World Steel Exchange Marketing is very pleased and proud to be part of the NASDAQ experience, and working with NASDAQ to launch a new suite of futures products.

The WSEM Management Team

WSEM combines the talents of professionals with years of experience in their particular field.

Peter Marcus Co-Chairman
Managing Partner World Steel Dynamics, 48 years as an analyst and market forecaster. Peter is a highly respected, trusted consultant to the steel industry.

Mike Frawley Co–Chairman & CEO
25 years in futures. Head of Global Metals Teams for Newedge and Jeffries, and Head of Metals Cargill New York. Former Vice Chairman of Jefferies Bache and Former LME Board Director.

John Conheeney President
Over 25 years in the futures industry as a prominent COMEX Floor Trader and Broker. Former Metals Marketing Director for NYMEX.

Mike Marley Vice-President
30 years reporting on the steel scrap industry for Iron Age. Metal Bulletin, Metal Prices and Argus. Authors WSEM’s weekly report “Mike Marley’s Shredded Power”

Robert J. Mateer Industry Consultant/Advisor
Former Global Raw Materials Purchasing Manager for Ford Motor Co. and Chrysler Corporation with 31 years’ experience.
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